I was given privileged access to the military cadet quarters and spent many days photographing the adolescent lives of those living within a highly restrictive environment. For some of these kids, it's their first experience away from home. It's a time of discovery, self-accomplishment and excitement. Those teenage years can be quite confusing at times, but not when you're always told what to do and how to dress. For six years, I shined my shoes and pressed my clothes. I kept my hair short and my face properly shaved. Six years of discipline and military salutes. Meanwhile, all of my friends were questioning their identity and making a ton of mistakes. In a time of confusion and self-exploration, they were rejecting authority and shaping their young adult minds. This series explores the burning envy of adolescent bliss and the quest for identity in a controlled environment whose main purpose is to format and conform individuals according to a standard. 

This series was awarded with the Magenta Flash Forward prize in 2013 and 2015.